White Tulip Global, Inc.
" Actions speak louder"


 White Tulip Global has a unique approach to international business development and consulting. We have the skills, resources and network to pinpoint innovative companies with successful products and services. We either chose to distribute and market those products and services ourselves or find suitable partners or clients to develop business together. If we choose to pursue the business ourselves we can get into global manufacturing and/or R &D agreements. If we choose to consult and develop business with our partners or clients we charge a combination of consulting fee, success fee and percentage. We can perform almost in every industry based on our principles and strategy. The table below shows a short summary of our potential business activities:
Technology Technology Transfer, Global Product Distribution, New Product Development
Finance Venture Capital, Private Equity, M&A, Joint Venture
Marketing Market Research and Feasibility Studies, Global Branding, New Product Marketing, Ethnic Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Networking & Event Consulting
Human Resources Global Internship and Traineeship Services
Internet solutions & Media design Web and App Business Development, E commerce, Social Media Applications

White Tulip Global, Inc.
380 Lexington Ave. 17. Floor
New York, NY 10168

(212) 537-9233
FAX 1 800 708-3170

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