White Tulip Global, Inc.
" Actions speak louder"

About Us

White Tulip Global has a unique agenda revealed by its name. Tulip is a beautiful and an interesting flower. Originally from Turkey, tulips were brought to Europe in the 16th century, where they got their common name from the Turkish word for gauze (with which turbans were wrapped) - reflecting the turban-like appearance of a tulip in full bloom. By the 17th century, the popularity of tulips, particularly in the Netherlands, became so great that the price of a single bulb soared to new heights, causing markets to crash and putting into motion "tulip mania." If you check Wikipedia you will find out its story in more detail. Established by a Turkish American entrepreneur, WHITE TULIP GLOBAL will focus on Turkey and the very important region which includes Central Asia, Balkans & Eastern Europe, Middle East & North Africa trying to follow win-win opportunities for Turkish and American companies and clients. That is why when WHITE TULIP GLOBAL mentions Turkey we use “Turkey and the region”. When WHITE TULIP GLOBAL mentions USA we are proud to use “USA & the world”.

Choosing white which is the symbol of purity as the color of our tulip, we are revealing our commitment to “fair trade and sustainable business practices”. Also, since all the colors in the universe are included in white we tell that we will not discriminate our clients and customers in any form. WHITE TULIP GLOBAL will stick to the three simple words in its motto: Technology, finance and marketing

Gokhan Ozkok
President & CEO


White Tulip Global, Inc.
380 Lexington Ave. 17. Floor
New York, NY 10168

(212) 537-9233
FAX 1 800 708-3170


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